I just wanted to tell you that I was one of the people for 2- 3 years now that has been on a waiting list for your pawpaws. You referred us to Nolin River Tree Nursery and I just have to tell you that the service I have received from this nursery has been absolutely first class!!! I ordered right away when you put the info out, and I even called 2 times over the winter to make sure they did not forget about me and check to make sure everything was still going to happen. They were extremely understanding and helpful! When I received my order yesterday, I was completely blown away by the size, and healthiness of the plants, and how well they were wrapped and kept moist and alive. And, I was completely surprised at their packaging. They used dried leaves in the box instead of styrofoam peanuts…how wonderful is that!!! What a great idea…I can now recycle the entire box both inside and out! Please know how extremely happy I am in finally receiving my trees, and in the absolute first class service I have received. I hope you are well, and have a wonderful summer!

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