Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I opened my box of three trees this morning and was I impressed! I just wish that it hadn’t taken me almost two years to get my first ones from you. The packing was, without doubt, the most professional that I have seen from any nursery – large or small – and I’ve bought from many sources over the years.

I bought about 10 other pawpaws from two other sources this spring (they were priced similar to yours). Several had few or no roots, other than the tap root. And some had as little as five inches of grafted top growth. I won’t mention names, as I regard them both highly, but their trees were pretty pathetic compared to yours. I’m not just trying to blow smoke, but when someone goes that extra mile to provide a superior product in every way, I think that they deserve a well-deserved “THANK YOU!” for their professionalism.

If you have any “no-shows” for pick-up of their trees, please let me know and I will gladly buy them.

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