RE: Pawpaw Species in Florida

I must thank you again for the pawpaws I ordered. They are doing great. I had no luck with container and bare root pawpaws before. I now realize that is because they weren’t root pruned, at least not until the time of sale when their tap roots were severed. In fact, I am so pleased with their quality that I am going to recommend your trees to my all my nursery customers. I would like to visit, at some time in the future, to get some pawpaw growing lessons. Alright, that’s enough horn tooting, thanks.

I would be happy to collect pollen. The pawpaws are leafing out now. The only flowers I’ve seen are on the trilobas and parvifloras. Let me know what you’re looking for and which species. Some are prettier than others, some get larger than usual, and every fruit that I’ve tasted was rather bland. The most concentrated diversity around here seems to be near the I-10 and I-75 intersection. I know of one cow field with at least three species in that area. I have a slim-leaf variety with wide leaves.

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