Today I went to the CRFG scion exchanged and have started making local contacts. One member, Pete, has a large patch in Los Altos Hills about 15 min. away. Some other member indicated you had worked with him at one point. Hopefully I can talk with him more as today was a little hectic. I also met 2 other gents that are interested in exchanging pollen. I would like to personally congratulate you on your grand endeavors to help propagate this unique and delicious Native American fruit; it is totally amazing. Future generations will all be greatly indebted to you for you research and I would like to personally thank you. Perhaps someday industry will find the correct combinations to make it a viable commercial product. In the mean time we enthusiast will keep your dream alive, and enjoy every bite of it. I hope you will enjoy your retirement in the sound knowledge that you have greatly increased the future of this yummy fruit.

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