Can I grow pawpaw in pots?

Pawpaws can be germinated and grown in pots for a couple of years. If you order from a nursery they will probably come in a pot. After year three we generally see stunting and unhealthy growth of pawpaws that remain in containers.

Why should I buy named varieties?

While you can find pawpaw growing wild in the eastern woodlands of USA and you can grow from wild seedling trees, the quality of the fruit will probably disappoint. With named Peterson varieties you are guaranteed a superior quality pawpaw in the form of more flesh,...

Is pawpaw a papaya?

No. Our pawpaw is Asimina triloba from North America. Papaya is Carica papaya which only grows in the tropics. In many tropical countries papaya is also called “pawpaw”. This causes an endless source of confusion.

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