I have a couple of your trees that I got a few years ago from Stevik, who used to work for you. I live in Charlottesville VA, and have gotten to be friends with Michael McConkey at Edible Landscaping. I have a 1/2 acre orchard around my house, and have been helping people plant orchards in this area for the last couple of years.

Your pawpaws at my house came into production this year, and I was impressed! I have eaten a lot of wild pawpaws, but your pawpaws were truly amazing. Size, flavor, and fruit/ seed ratio were all spectacular.

I have been learning how to graft and propagate various kinds of fruit trees. (I am teaching a sustainability class at my house these days, which includes, among other things, how to propagate fruit trees.) I am wondering if it might be possible next summer for me to come to Harper’s Ferry for some instruction in pawpaw grafting. I tried a few this year, but without much luck.

Thanks for your work in this field. The fruit production and breeding process has been so dominated for so long by trees that are suited to commercial chemical application, it is important for our future that we propagate trees that grow without pesticides. And your pawpaws are an amazing and welcomed part of that!

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