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With named Peterson varieties you are guaranteed a superior quality pawpaw in the form of more flesh, fewer seeds, wonderful texture, an exquisite flavor and no bitter aftertaste.


Shenandoah at Jim's.jpg


This was my first variety. It is smooth and mellow, a mild well-like flavor. It has been a consistent hit at farmers markets.


Susquehanna at Jim's.jpg


Ah, my personal favorite. (But everyone has personal favorites.) It is large, extremely few seeds, and firm melting texture. Quite sweet with strong pawpaw flavor.


Rappahannock at Wye.jpg


An unusual pawpaw tree because it holds it leave horizontal. The pulp is a brighter yellow, the flavor is medium with a simple flavor.


Allegheny Fruit.jpg


A precocious, productive tree. This fruit is a favorite of many consumers.



A sister variety to Susquehanna with even larger fruit. Originated from an orchard near the Potomac river.


Wabash fruit.jpg


This was a favorite tree of Dr. Kirk Pomper at Kentucky State University, who insisted I should name my variety after Wabash because the round fruit resembled cannonballs.


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