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Susquehanna is without a doubt my personal favorite -- if I had to choose one. Outstanding for combining very large size with rich pawpaw flavor, great sweetness, exceptional fleshiness, and firm buttery texture, this particular variety makes an especially beautiful ornamental tree in the home landscape. This tree originated as a seedling from the collection of the Blandy Experimental Farm. It has the largest fruit of our three varieties, sometimes weighing over a pound. With a firm texture similar to avocado and a thickish skin, Susquehanna is less fragile than most. It has the fewest seeds of any variety (3% by weight). Moderate to good yields. Responds well to pruning.

Key Features of the Susquehanna pawpaw:

  • Very fleshy - only 3% seed
  • Very sweet, rich flavor
  • Firm, buttery texture
  • Fruit size very large
  • Moderate yields
  • Responds well to pruning

Click on the thumbnails to see full size pictures of each variety of fruit and sapling.

Thumbnail picture of a Susquehanna pawpaw Thumbnail picture of Susquehanna sappling Thumbnail picture of sliced open Susquehanna fruit