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Shenandoah has been the clear favorite of my pawpaw customers at the Dupont Circle farmers market in Washington, DC. Even doubters and scoffers have been converted to pawpw lovers by this variety! It is a real taste treat -- smooth, custardy texture, with just the right balance of fragrance, sweet fruity flavor and agreeable aftertaste. This tree originated as a seedling of 'Overleese' and, it must be said, is superior to its parent. Large fruit with few seeds (6% by weight). Texture is firmer than wild pawpaws but softer than the other two varieties. Fruit is often borne in single-fruited clusters. Good yields. Shenandoah responds well to pruning.

Key Features of the Shenandoah pawpaw:

  • Good Yields
  • Sweet mild flavor
  • Fleshy - only 6% seed
  • Succulent, custardy texture
  • Most popular at DC farmers market
  • Responds well to pruning

Click on the thumbnails to see full size pictures of each variety of fruit and sapling.

Thumbnail picture of a Shenandoah pawpaw Thumbnail picture of Shenandoah sappling Thumbnail picture of sliced open Shenandoah fruit