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Rappahannock is a superior tree for picking fruit from. The fruit is easier to spot among the foliage, because of the horizontal habit of the leaves, and because its fruits typically change to a yellowish-green when they are ready to pick. These are large, beautiful, well-shaped and symmetrical fruits, whether borne singly or in clusters. The flavor is superior as well, very sweet and refreshing. This tree originated as a seedling from a tree in the Blandy Experimental Farm collection. Rappahannock has large fruit (though somewhat smaller the two varieties) with a firm flesh and few seeds (6% by weight). Very vigorous with good yields.

Key Features of the Rappahannock pawpaw:

  • Firm flesh
  • Good yields
  • Fleshy - only 3% seed
  • Sweet refreshing flavor
  • More regular & uniform shape
  • Earlier harvest (some color break plus horizantally held leaves)

Click on the thumbnails to see full size pictures of each variety of fruit and sapling.

Thumbnail picture of several Rappahannock pawpaws Thumbnail picture of Rappahannock sappling Thumbnail picture of sliced open Rappahannock fruit