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Here you can listen to Allison Aubrey's piece on Morning Edition about pawpaws. You can also see a video of Neal with Allison on NPR's food blog: The Salt.

Kathy Bilton, a naturalist who is enamored of pawpaws, wrote this article for her local Audubon newsletter a few years ago, a sort of primer on pawpaws. Contains many pawpaw links that I do not repeat here.

Kentucky State University's website - simply the most extensive pawpaw site I know. Contains scientific findings, popular press pieces, audio, photo gallery, nutrition, recipes, grower advice, etc. What you can't find on my site, you can probably find here.

Earthy Delights has pawpaw fruit for sale.

Purdue University's website of the Center for New Crops & Plant Products provides windows to new crops of all sorts. Among its specialty crop profiles one can find pawpaw. Notable for its extensive bibliography.

The Ohio Pawpaw Growers Association was established in 2000 to organize and advance the re-development of a pawpaw (Asimina triloba) industry in Ohio. This is a good group to join for the seriously fanatical in that neck of the woods who grows pawpaw trees.

The Ohio Pawpaw Festival is a cool rural confab that includes a pawpaw cook-off, a pawpaw eating competition, a best pawpaw contest, and a variety of local arts and crafts and music. Since 1999, the festival happens every September near Athens, OH.

Proceedings from the 2nd International Pawpaw Conference held in 2001 at Kentucky State University, Frankfort, KY.

Midwest Fruit Explorers is a non-profit organization of amateur backyard fruit growing enthusiasts (mostly around Chicago) who are crazy about the best tasting, most flavorful fruits that grow well there. They call pawpaw a "terrific native MidWestern fruit."

California Rare Fruit Growers, the largest amateur fruit-growing organization in the world, expounds environmentally sound culture of edible plants in the home landscape, and shares knowledge among people interested in edible plant cultivation.

This website introduces the reader to Druidry as a dynamic Nature-based spirituality that unites love of the Earth with love of creativity and the Arts. Naturally, their love of trees extends to the inclusion of a page about intriguing and unusual pawpaw lore.

This Garden Web site hosts Barry Glick's well-written account of pawpaws. Better yet, go visit Barry Glick and the Sunshine Farm at www.sunfarm.com - uncommonly rare and exceptional plants - hellebores and whatever else grabs Barry's interest.

The Northern Nut Growers Association, the oldest and best organization of its type in North America, brings together people of all stripes in their uncommon pursuit of their common interest in nuts. The NNGA has also always nurtured interest in pawpaw.

The PawPaw Foundation, a nonprofit membership organization, provides a nexus of news and views about pawpaws, leading a pawpaw revival by promoting scientific research in the areas of pawpaw breeding, growing, managing, harvesting, and use.

Lee Reich gives ideas and resources for creating beautiful, productive, and environmentally sound gardens. His book, Uncommon Fruits For Every Garden, has a great chapter about pawpaw history, background, cultivars, and sources. A great book.

Good information regarding tree conservation and conservation ideas

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