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We have just launched our ship of dreams -- by which we mean we have launched our Kickstarter campaign. "What is this?" you ask. It is Peterson Pawpaws Is Going Global, making our superb pawpaw varieties available in Europe and Japan.

To learn more about this, and to discover how you can help go by donating, by receiving a reward, and by sharing, go to: www.kickstarter.com/projects/1750376414/peterson-pawpaws-go-global

With your help this 'ship' will sail to its destination. Check us out and let all your friends know, too. This is crowdfunding. And crowd-funning!


If you are looking for premium pawpaws, this is the place to be. Here you will find the world's most delicious pawpaw varieties, together with the information needed to grow them, pick them, use them, sing about them, as well as many facts and meaningless trivia.

We are devoted to the pawpaw, to seeing it take its rightful place as one of the fine fruits of the world. We are the sole distributor of Neal Peterson's specially selected pawpaws.

Ours are the very best pawpaws, not only for their fine eating qualities, but also for their productiveness, health and vigor. Ours are one-year grafts on three-year old seedling rootstock.

Our six varieties are the result of 25 years of research by Neal to improve the pawpaw. (See About Us.) They have been tested in the field and laboratory and farmers markets.

We are confident that, if you LIKE pawpaws, you will LOVE our pawpaws!

Pawpaws featured on NPR's Morning Edition

Listen to Neal Peterson in a story by Allison Aubrey on NPR's Morning Edition:

Pawpaw Asimina triloba